About Rob A. McIntire, M.A., C.A.C.III

Former Undercover Cop

Counselor, Author, Speaker

Robert McIntire is the founder and executive director of Freedom to Live Counseling in Colorado Springs, Colorado.
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Robert McIntire is the founder and executive director of Freedom to Live Counseling in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Rob is a popular speaker on men's issues including sexual purity, masculinity and intimacy issues. He has a full time clinical practice where he treats men and couples for sex addiction, intimacy anorexia, and traumas, as well as invidual and couple's issues.

Rob has a bachelor's degree in psychology from Simpson University in Redding, California and a master's degree in Instructional Design from Colorado Christian University in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Rob has done extensive post-graduate work in the areas of marriage and family therapy, sex therapy, and in addiction counseling at the Colorado School of Family Therapy.

Rob currently holds a CACIII (Certified Addiction Counselor III) the highest level of addiction certification in the State of Colorado. He is also trained in EMDR and has previously held the office of Vice President of the Colorado Association of Marriage and Family Therapy. He was also the co-founder of the weekly "Blazing Grace" radio show. Rob has authored several journey periodicals as well as several therapy group manuals.
Prior to Robs counseling profession he spent over seventeen years in law enforcement. He worked as an Regional Academy Coordinator in the State of California, Narcotics and Burglary detective, Training Officer and patrol and jail Deputy Sheriff. He is medically retired due to spinal cord injury suffered during a drug raid.

Rob lives in Monument, Colorado and enjoys the outdoors and spends most of his time with his wife Danielle and four sons.