“My husband and I had been to several counselors, and quite frankly I was beginning to think there was no one out there that could help us. Then we met Rob. Through his incredible vision for marriages, his men's groups, phone counseling, and individual step by step guidance we had a major breakthrough- I was really hurt. Rob helped us to see that our expectations for each other were healthy, but the way we were going about enforcing those on each other was really out in left field. He helped my husband with tools to be more involved in our marriage and to care for my heart more. He thought my husband how to see the difference between love and respect. Rob walked him through a step-by-step process on how to get healing for himself and re-open his heart in areas that were closed down, so he could not only love himself more but he also gave him tools and boundaries so he could show love to me and our kids more. Rob helped me with my anger/hurt in our couples counseling and some one on one phone counseling. He helped me to make some bottom line healthy boundaries for myself and our marriage. Rob helped me to see that I was being overbearing and mothering. He gave me tools to be able to show respect to my husband as well as share my heart without the fear of rejection. My husband and I are in such a good place now, and communicating with each other in ways that we never had before. I'm so grateful for Rob and his fresh view of what a marriage with hard work can overcome.” -Barbra

“Rob is a man's man but with a heart of gold. I have been a client of Rob's for a while now. The transformation in me and the healing that has come from my sessions with him are astounding. Just the simple fact that he is not someone that is just book smart, but someone that is speaking from experience and the healing that has been done in his life with his own struggles. I do 1 on 1 counseling with Rob, as well as a 10 week telephone men's group where we go through his workbook called "Overcoming barriers to intimacy". This workbook within itself and the men that I get to share within these groups weekly has given me a safe place where I don't feel alone in this. I am a little on the introverted side, so I needed a place to process things I was going through. It's nice to be involved in a group that struggles with some of the same things that I do- avoiding, victim mentality, porn, and pleasing people. Rob's counseling and groups has really opened my eyes and help me to feel a sense of freedom, to get clarity on my life. He has helped me to really stand up and be the man I'm designed to be.” –Steve

“My wife and I went to see Rob a couple months ago. We really respected his wisdom and outlook on our marriage. I was the one in more need to get some help at the time but was financially struggling. Rob let me know about a free men's group that he does on Tuesday nights. He asked if I would be willing to check it out because he thought it would be something that I could really benefit from. I was shocked that he did this group for free. That right there showed me that if he's willing to invest in people that way, then I should be willing to invest in myself that way. I appreciate the time and effort that he puts into his practice. I had never been to a group like this before. I went that Tuesday and continue being a part of that group every Tuesday night. Not only do I get the knowledge that I need to step forward, but I have friends, a mentor, and accountability through the men in this group. Recognizing the problem is one thing. Having men to walk through this with you is another.” -Tim

“My husband has been seeing Rob a couple times a month. He travels a lot so I'm grateful that Rob does in state and nation wide phone counseling and groups. My husband and I were on the verge of a divorce. We had separated from living together due to infidelity, porn, lack of communication and more. Just a lot of junk- past hurts I couldn't let go of. New hurts that were ripping off the scabs to old hurts etc. When a friend referred my husband to Rob, at first I thought to myself “we have heard it all”, and my husband is never going to change. But after a month or so of counseling with Rob I started to see some positive changes in my husband. A light in him I hadn't seen in years. He was all of a sudden opening up to me about his "feelings" and not being so overly angry or withdrawn. He told me he was officially in recovery for sex addiction with Rob. He told me it would take some time but that he was sober from porn and infidelity. That he would be taking polygraphs for accountability.  He told me that Rob was now helping him to dig deeper into why this started in the first place. He asked me if I would be willing to talk to Rob as well. I was pretty much done with the relationship but figured that I could at least see what this guy had to say. I was extremely moved and hopeful when we were done with only one session. Not that I was ready to believe that my husband might actually change for real. But I had hope that maybe this doesn't have to be the end. Maybe I could learn to forgive with help. Rob started working with me on my own recovery of hurt and pain. My husband and I have had a rough road but we are now living in the same house again with some good boundaries and hope for our future. I'm feeling loved and heard by my husband for the first time in years. Thank you Rob for your commitment and guidance. Without your help I don't think we would be where we are right now.”